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The Immortal Sisters of The Sidhe Shed


Dayna Jean Wolter

Kamp Athena,  Sonic Priestess, & The Sidhe Shed
Swordswoman, Sound Healer, & Musical Director
Saint Paul, Minnesota

Dayna Jean has been a performing and professional Creative for over 30+ years, as well as a student and practitioner of Chanty-Whoo-Ha for even longer.

In 2011 she was blessed to complete her Sonic Healing training in Seattle WA with renown channel, healer, and acoustic science pioneer, Tom Kenyon. Her sound healing practice is Sonic Priestess, and she hosts her healing sessions by appointment at The Sidhe Shed 

Aside from being a founding member of many performance groups of various genres over the decades, such as  Pirates of Dreamtime (1997-2014) & the wyld women's chorus, The Idisi (2009-2013), Dayna Jean also teaches women and girls to sword fight and build their Queendoms as a healing modality through her company, Kamp Athena.


She looks forward to sharing the joy of empowering humans to reclaim their Sovereignty through the creative arts and ritual magic.

Dayna Jean is a Co-Owner of The Sidhe Shed 

And she loves cheese....a lot.


Annie Zimbel

Annie Zimbel A2Z, LLC, Tarot By Annie,  & The Sidhe Shed


Annie has been a psychic all her life and became a Professional Tarot Reader  over 40 years ago.

Aside from personal clients, she has done readings in venues locally, nationally as well as internationally. She has participated in many conventions and events including: Macalester Collage’s Annual Reunions, various Science Fiction Conventions, including a World SF Convention, a variety of bookstores and festivals. corporate parties and more..

For over 5 years, Annie created and facilitated the Children’s Pagan Corner in the Twin Cities and was awarded the Covenant of the Goddess (COG) “ Hart and Crescent” honor for her services to the Pagan community

Deepening her connection to the Healer within, the last several years has seen Annie develop her mixed-media artwork and dive deep into the practice of Sacred Play. Using her additional creative skills, ie theater, writing, and comedy, she has fully embraced her Soulpath’s work.


Annie is a Co-Owner of The Sidhe Shed.

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