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 Building  Community,
     Growing Souls, &
 Rebelliously Curating Beauty


It is the driving force behind most forms of Creativity. As Humans, we spend most of our time engaged in the Natural World as an unconscious Mind with unrealized potential....and ever present desires we are not even aware of.

Imagine what a person could do if they tapped into that driving force of Unknown and consciously focused all that passion in a mindful way.

Intentional Creativity is a choice to create with mindfulness.

That is the Soul of the Intentional Creativity Movement, and a tenant of our work here at The Sidhe Shed.

So...How Do You Pronounce That?

The Sidhe Shed [shee-shed] was born in the Summer of 2019....then again in 2021...briefly...then had a few months in 2022...and finally...we emerge fully here in early 2023. ......damn plagues....Oy.


Aside from aligning ourselves with the ancient magical race of the Aos Si- aka the Sidhe, those beings of Irish mythical... and some scholars of lore also say... loosely... Norse mythical origins as well, we birthed this business to be a flexible multi-use space for creative communities to use in the East St Paul, MN neighborhoods of Payne/Phalen and Railroad Island. (Are we not Mistresses of the super long sentence, or what? <chuckle>)

We are a woman-owned Pagan collective of artisans. We are a part of and in support of acutely marginalized and LGTBQIA2S+ communities.. As small business owners, we saw a need for affordable and modular creative space to be available for ourselves, and our many intersected communities. 

Everything and everyone we collaborate with in this space is like-minded in their Creative businesses and practices. We believe Art is about being in SERVICE to humanity. We are thrilled that we are a nexus point for Humans to come together, be rebellious and foster a revolution of Self, make art, find and support each other, and learn to dive deeper into themselves as creators and appreciators of the results.

We work hard to create Sacred Space in all things we share here. Be it sword classes, divination and healing arts events, musical /dance performances & rehearsals, creative arts classes, gallery showings, weddings, End -of -Life celebrations and more.... The Sidhe Shed is here to build community and show as our Maverick Selves.

We hope you will join us and become a part of our Red Thread story.

Countless blessings be yours,

Annie Zimbel, & Dayna Jean Wolter

of The Sidhe Shed


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